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Welcome To  The Website To Elect Karla M. Niemann For Circuit Court Judge!

Hello!  My name is Karla M. Niemann and I am running for Circuit Court Judge of the 15th Judicial Circuit.  The position is mainly for Stephenson County, IL but the voters in Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee and Ogle will be able to vote as well.


I appreciate your interest in learning more about my campaign to be the next Circuit Court Judge.  My legal experience, together with my dedication to public service makes me the ideal candidate to serve as the next Judge for the retiring Michael P. Bald.  I also believe it is important to have diversity on the bench and Stephenson County has not had a female judge since 2014.  It is not often voters have this opportunity, since there are very few practicing female attorneys within Stephenson County, let alone one running in an election.


I am not a politician and have not previously been part of a political establishment other than to run in this election as a Democrat.  Whether a candidate runs as a Democrat, Republican, or any other party it is important to note that a Judge is sworn to decide all matters on the law and facts presented.  Judges are expected to be fair, neutral, and impartial. They must not allow personal social, economic, legal, or political views to influence their courtroom decisions. Unlike other elected officials in campaigning, judicial candidates cannot promise or pledge how they will rule on a given issue or in a given case.  I intend on running my campaign in the same manner as I would run the courtroom, if elected, as should other judicial candidates.


With being an elected position, I believe in the importance of being out in the community and participating in public service as attributes important in the role of a Judge.  I have demonstrated that commitment my entire career.  I will deliver justice faithfully and impartially.  Every person that comes before me will be treated with dignity and respect, just as I have done with the thousands of clients that I have represented over the 20-year span of my legal career. 


It is important to elect a Judge who reflects the people they serve, as it promotes trust and confidence in the legal system.  On June 28, 2022 I ask for your vote in the primary election, and more importantly, on November 8, 2022 in the general election.



Karla M. Niemann

Candidate For Circuit Court Judge

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Stay tuned to view a message from Karla M. Niemann to 15th Judicial Circuit Voters.

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